Swachh kokari sundar kokari

Data shows that 53% of India's waste is not collected, it is either untreated, gets land disposed or remains uncollected. It is time, WE ACT NOW!

Ek Saath Foundation in collaboration with BMF F-North ward aims at turning the slum settlement in Kokari, Wadala, into a zero waste settlement. Kokari Aagar, a settlement that consists of 5000 households with a population of 20,000+. Ward 174 and 176 of F-North ward is divided by a nullah which is a tributary of the mithi river, filled with waste water and solid waste dumped by the people living around the nullah due to inadequate waste management facilities. This not only obstructs the flow of waste water but also is home to a number of diseases. During monsoon due to heavy waste dumping, the nullah over flows. Additionally, this nullah along with the waste meets the ocean in Mahul, located in the eastern suburbs of the city. Hence it is a need of an hour to convert the community into a zero waste settlement.

Turning Kokari into a zero waste settlement will not only prevent the waste entering the landfill or staying in and around the community, but will also better the living conditions of people. 75% of the litter on Mumbai's city beaches is plastic. By making Kokari a zero waste settlement, we will be preventing plastic waste from entering into the ocean through the nullah.